This is the second post where we will be looking in detail at the EU initiative exploring the introduction on an electronic Product Information (ePI) for human medicines authorized in the EU. We will also be looking at how the eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox performs against the requirements set forth by this EU ePI initiative.

The features expected from an ePI implementation have been divided into 3 main categories:

The features

ePI user experience

Multimedia integration

ePI should be able to incorporate multimedia content, such as videos (e.g. on how to administer a medicine) or photos (e.g. images of tablets or capsules).

The eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox supports all multimedia types natively, audio, video, slideshow, photos. Video have been particularly effective in helping users with complex medical devices like insulin pens or products that require special handling in terms of temperature.


ePI should be accessible, meaning that it should be provided in a way that people with limited ability to view or use the content can still access the information. These include, for example, users who have difficulty reading the information they need due to visual or other impairments or those who cannot use a paper format.

The eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox supports 2 main features that address what is generally referred to as digital inclusion (a way for a digital solution to support people with limited ability to view or use digital content):

  • variable font sizes (that can be set per product)
  • audio leaflet to listen to the product instructions

Layering and relevant links

ePI should include links to additional relevant information, such as educational material, and allow users to access more technical information (e.g. scientific assessment reports) if they wish.

The eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox supports additional information areas or tabs with textual or multimedia content, common uses for these areas are: educational information, technical information for HCPs, cases studies, scientific reports or papers, etc.

Multilingual content

ePI should support PI in the official EU languages so that users from the EU can access the ePI in their chosen language, if an authorised PI is available in that language.

The eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox supports 45 languages including Asian languages and characters and right-to-left text.

User-friendly navigation and search

ePI should support use via interfaces that allow easy search and navigation of all EU medicines.

The eLeaflet solution UI is fully customizable via templates and is the result of years or studies and real-use feed-backs.


ePI should enable interfaces with functionalities such as setting up of alerts to inform the user about updates or recalls and saving ‘my medicines’ or previous searches.

The eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox already supports most of these requirements:

  • setting pill reminders
  • setting up a personal "my medicines area"
  • a history of previous searches for each user
  • a connection to over 170 Medicines Agencies for daily updates of products recalls or alerts.

More information about the eLeaflet solution from myHealthbox is available on the eLeaflet website

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