Since we launched our eLeaflet As A Service offering a number of customers have asked to be able to self-manage the creation, editing, update and publishing of the eLeaflets for their products through a dedicated SaaS offering. This is particularly relevant for medium to large companies that already have a labelling department and want to rely on their internal resources for the development and management of the eLeaflets.


Until now the eLeaflet As A Service offering only allowed for a full-service mode whereby myHealthbox would take care of all aspects of eLeaflets development and publication (creation, editing, updating, exporting, etc.). This offering was well received as it allowed companies to start supporting and using eLeaflets without any additional burden for internal resources: all aspects related to eLeaflets lifecycle was taken care of.

Medium and larger companies on the other hand started requesting a solution that would allow them to manage the eLeaflet lifecycle themselves but without the burden of software development and updates in a pure SaaS fashion. Similar requests also came from regulatory consulting companies looking at introducing eLeaflet / ePI support for their customers.

Some companies also preferred a more sandboxed architecture with "virtual" dedicated computing resources and clear data separation.

To satisfy these new requests we are now adding a new mode to our eLeaflet As A Service offering with "self-managed" available to selected customers alongside the current "fully-managed" mode.

The eLeaflet As A Service Self-Managed mode simply allows customers to have a dedicated platform installation with access to all the eLeaflet tools. The installation is still managed by myHealthbox and so are all platform updates and operations leaving to the customer all operations related to eLeaflets management.


More information about the myHealthbox eLeaflet solutions and the eLeaflet As A Service platform is available on the eLeaflet website

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